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Marshall AVT150H + 4x12 Cab


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going to sell my Marshall AVT amp and cab

150W amp 200W cab

amp has 4 channels, acoustic sim, clean, od1 and od2

the acoustic sim is crappy, i just turned its completely down, and used it as a mute.

loved the clean, i turned the preamp right up so it gets a little bite on it, was the only channel i used.

the ODs were quite nice od1 is more of a crunchy rhythm channel, and 2 is a sort of high gain lead channel.

theres 2 eq sections, one for acoustic and clean, one for both of the overdrives. and it has 16 built in effects, reverbs, delays, choruses. one for acoustic and clean, one for the ods. i only used the reverbs as i always use effects pedals.

i have the 6 button footswitch, which costs an extra 60.

if you want it, make me an offer

i'd be willing to swap for some gear depending on what it is. just fixed my fender strat, has a humbucker in the bridge, would love one with three single coils ;)

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