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Dan G

NEW Black Atom song!

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'Cicatrix' on our myspace:

Black Atom on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

This is one for the oldies on here (or anyone who happens to like Iron Maiden/Dream Theater/Megadeth/Iron Maiden etc)

Atom split up 2 years ago so this is something of a posthumous release. Also in the pipeline is a 21minute epic called 'The Will' that is only half recorded so far.

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I want to hear the 21 minute song:-)

So do we :)

Nah, it should actually be coming together a bit more this weekend and that should be the catalyst to get it finished.

Cicatrix has come out really well, I wish we could have had songs sound this meaty when we were still a band :) Re-record the album? lol

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