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Journalists arrested on Trump estate

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I hope the NUJ and the journalists concerned pursue this with the same vigour they have applied to similar matters down south.

As for Trump - This is not the first time they have tried to use the excuse of "illegal photography" at someone doing exactly what they are entitled to on on the land. They backed down fast that time.

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I'd have to go look-up exact details but OTOH, someone had a run-in first with Trump's security and then the police when they ere photographing the threatening and illegal signs plus other things put-up to deter public access across traditional tracks and paths on the estate.

A stushie ensued and Hobday cited "illegal photography" as the prime reason for having them detained. That's when I got involved and he crawled back into his hole pronto!

I understand a complaint was submitted to the police as a result of the incident but I have yet to hear the outcome. Personally I'm not expecting much more than meaningless wibble. :(

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