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Perfect Draft Hoegarden keg


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I love hoegaarden.

Tell you what, get a gathering together. Ill bring along my specialist keg tapping hardware and we'll make a night of it.


if by specialist keg tapping hardware you mean a PerfectDraft machine, then deal. otherwise no dice. it's not a proper keg so there's no pressure inside it for tapping. it's apparently just a big bag inside a metal container. The beer can only easily be got at using a PerfectDraft machine. They look quite nifty actually but despite my fondness for beer I don't think I could get through enough to justify buying one.

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Youre right, the beer can only be easily accessed through the perfect draft system. But we need to face hard fact here. No one actually owns one of these machines and purchasing one is bad financial move. They're like those home coffee machines that you get for christmas, use once then it spends the rest of its life in a cupboard until its ultimately sold at a car boot sale.

Im willing to come round to yours with my specialist keg tapping hardware which ive used in the past to tap these badboys, for free. I wont lie, the last time I tapped one of these puppies there was a fair bit of collateral. Ive now modified my methods and Im near 90% sure we'll only lose a pint at most.

I think we both know that youre not going to find anyone with one of these machines. So you have a choice. Let me come round and tap dat keg or you can count the days until that hoe expires.

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