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Skinny Puppy EU tour 2010


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A popular beat combo from Canada, that enjoy nothing more than playing jaunty pop tunes for politely behaved audiences (except for those in Scotland, until recently). I think. I always get them confused with the other Skinny Puppy fronted by perpetually gore-covered Nivek Ogre. In-yer-face live shows and a repertoire of songs that can be heftily political or opinionated (anti-vivisection being a common theme). Have been around for a long time now - Named as an influence by many industrial/electronic acts.

Recent live stuff -

See goths dance! -

Political much? -

An example of their anti-viv stance -

Goretastic banned vid -

Musically, I think they're awesome.

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Guest Giles Walker

Aww they sound cute.

Are all their songs about puppies though? it'd be cool if they expanded their repertoire to include songs about kittens too.

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glasgow show was good, support act i! were at best average.

got there a hour before the doors opened and met Ogre as he swaggered out the tour bus :)

doors opened I went to the merch table first as on the Mythrus tour I left it too late and only shirts left were small, The merch table was manned by Images in Vogue's Gary Blair Smith! That was an awesome surprise.

midway through puppys set ogre went behind the metal encased screen, at the front right of the stage and next thing we knew we were getting showered in fake blood, it got in my hair, on my face, arms and clothes, I was absolutly thick with the stuff according to my brother afterwards it looked like i had been bludgened, no wonder the conductor on the train asked if i was ok.


Love In Vein










Morpheus Laughing






Far Too Frail

Shore Lined Poison, in purely at BP's expense

the songs played were pretty different from the album versions, quite a different sound on this tour.

YouTube - Skinny Puppy, Classic Grand Glasgow, 20.07.10

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