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Guitaaars! please buy them!


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i am againt going to try and sell these guitars!

first up is -

Jumbo electro acoustic tanglewood - cost 329 new

has a bit of a nasty scar, so im selling for 100, still works perfect and sounds great!

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and the scar

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next up issss -

the Legacy Flying V

has been played about 5 times, bought it when i was into the whole rockstar image, then my dad gave me his stratocaster, which is far cooler in my opinion. so this has to go! im asking for 200 o.n.o it comes with a hardcase to keep it safe.

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and last but not least the Jedson lapsteel!

i've had alot of interest overseas for this (offers of around $2000!) but when i mention the shipping costs they flake out. so here goes nothing... asking for 1200, alot i know, but thats what people seem to be willing to pay! (hoping some massive david gilmour fan with alot of money reads this!)

comes with the original hardcase, legs tone bar and a wee box of finger picks and still has the factory strings on it! (has been sitting in an attic for at least 20 years!)

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