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This Friday the 13th of August brings forth...

Rob Karloff

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I'm listening to the mastered version of our mini-album, and MAN does it kick ass! I also know that the Atom lads have spent an age and total perfection on their CD, so don't miss out on getting your copies of both CDs on the night! Plus, there will be some GREAT music happening from all the bands. Please make the effort to see the Dangerfields at 9:30pm... They will be over all the way from Belfast and this is their first Lemon Tree appearence. Judging by how they performed and sounded at the Limelight with the Misfits last week, you really want to hear them through the Lemon Tree PA!! They'll also have copies of their "Hellride" EP on sale as well as t-shirts. Think Zeke crossed with Motorhead!

Also, be sure to drop by One-Up in Belmont Street at 1pm in the afternoon to catch our in-store appearences and get a sneeeek preeeview of the gig. Fun will be had!


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Also, do come along to One Up at 1pm this Friday, and witness the special, no holds barred, electrifying, invigorating, rejuvinating in-store performances of KARLOFF and the mighty Black Atom.

2 big bands, 1 small record shop, amps on 11, your senses on 100.

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