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whats chucked in?

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my bands gonna play are first gig but we are not sure how much gear to tag along

ok we obvoisly know to bring are guitars and lead, and we know most venues supply drun kits but what about; microphones, mic stands , amps etc?

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Microphones and stands are almost always part of the venue's rig. However, if you require more than 3 microphones, you should let the venue know before hand. Also if you need a lot of DI connections from unbalanced connections e.g. you want synthesizers/keyboards/samplers/drum machines going straight into the PA, you may also want to let the venue know before hand, as they may require extra DI boxes.

With regards to amplifiers, it depends on the bill, and also the venue. For example, most venues in town (though I think Kef and the Lemon Tree are notable exceptions) have bass amps that you can use. You are usually welcome to take your own as well. Guitar amplifiers are normally arranged between the bands on the bills and/or the promoter. Not every band is happy to share their equipment, so it's always wise to check first.

So summing up, check what the venue provides first; if an independent promoter is putting on the bill (e.g. fudge, AUBL, etc.), then check with them on what equipment sharing has already been agreed on; otherwise, speak to other bands on the bill directly and agree on what to take and share.

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it would be best to get in touch with the promoters/venue first to see what they have for you to use and if they can help you with any special needs you may have

of the venues i have played, all have had a house drum kit, but take your own pedal/snare/cymbals as these were not provided (or were crap)

all have had mics to use, but as said above, i would check if you are needing more than three to see if they have enough mics

someplaces have a bass amp to use, but i know kef dosent

and i dont think anywhere has had a guitar amp, i always took my own, and other bands also took their own or borrowed other ones as they needed (get this worked out beforehand if you need to borrow kit)

one think, as for instruments and the related gear (guitars, amps, etc...) i think it is best to alway take your own, then you at least know you will have a sound you know you like and sounds good, so you dont get to the venute to find the other band have taken along a fender amp and you really want a marshall sound...


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