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Fudge Cd No. 8


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There are some fantastic tracks on it... but there's some horrible bullshit, isn't there?

Electric Eel Shocks sound fantastic. The Cuts, Deadloss, Eric Euan, The Gloria Flaw, and Josephine all sounded great.

Some bands were not too my liking though. Flight 19 should be shot. Maple did not sound nearly as good as the reviews I had heard. Neil Layton should be strung up. And Reap sounded like they were taking the piss. Ho Ho.

This is just opinion according to the songs on the CD. I would love to see all of these bands. I'm sure half the bands I liked on the CD were crap. But we'll see won't we.

It's all about opinion, isn't it?

Lots of love,


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Guest stuartmaxwell

love-gloria flaw, drat, eeshock, thee moths, eric euan, sucioperro, deadloss,

like-bonesaw, mmw, switchblades(annoying to start with but catchy), klatb(shock!),

poor-needles, maple, funktree, reap (laughable)


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