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Would you like a guitar setup - modified or tweaked?

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If anyone requires their lovely guitar to be setup or just tweaked i can do this for you at very reasonable rates.

I have had experience in this due to the fact that i hate the prices that "guitar shops" charge and not getting a very good service, so i decided to branch out and learn how to do it.

As i'm a Guitar Tutor in a very respectable school, i am in contact with my students everyday so i see lots of guitars that requiring tweaking or whatever the student requires so i do this for them and not charge them the Earth - and they get a very good service.

I only charge once you have inspected the guitar and are completely happy with the result.

I do take a few days longer to do this service as i believe in taking my time and treating your guitar like its my own beloved machine. Normally its 10 - 12 day turnaround.

Anyway if you have any questions feel free to email me at


Thanks again


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