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Rota GTR 18" (wheels)


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For sale are my Rota GTR 18" alloys off the Supra.

Fitment is 5x114.3.

I will need to check the offsets as I'm not sure what they are.

18"x8" front.

18"x9.5" rear.

They are painted in a gloss black (quick job) as opposed to the silver they originally came in.

One has a bit of an indentation from the previous owner. Otherwise they have quite a bit of kerbing (again, bought as such) and need a good rub down to remove lacquer peel that was sprayed over.

Not sure all what would be required to sort the ding in the one with the mark but otherwise they could all be sorted relatively easily and made to look lovely once again :)

Tyres that are on them are cheap budget ones (haven't changed the tyres since I bought the car in July, though hasn't been driven too much).

Sizes are 225/35/18 front and 255/35/18 rear.

Looking for 450 for them. The wheels are usually in excess of 850 to purchase without tyres. At ~50 per wheel for a refurb you would have a set in your own preference of finish and like new with a set of - albeit cheap - tyres optional whilst saving over buying them new.

Pictures of them in the black finish are unfortunately poor but you can see the design in the rest of my pictures before they were sprayed:-



You can see the extra width of the rear wheels in this picture through the way the spokes sit compared to the fronts. You can also see the lovely ding in the rear quarter the previous owner kindly left me! :(




I am interested in P/X for a set of Supra stock 17" wheels (8JJ, 9JJ). Preferably with - even if cheap - tyres.

Delivery can be arranged at buyers expense.

Thanks :)

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