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Warwick Corvette Bass 4 sale


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RockBass by Warwick - Corvette Basic Bass

i dont have a picture just now. posting this at work.

its in excellent nick, slight belt buckle scratch on the back but thats about it.

it's the active version.

metallic blue (without the woodgrain showing like you'll see in most pics online.

sounds amazing, good lightweight bass with a small body.

i impulse bought it for 300 just before christmas second hand from bruce miller.

i also bought new strings that i haven't put on yet which i'll throw in for that price.

come on, lets haggle.


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Right boys and girls. I'm coming close to my moving date and eager to shift the extra weight and pick up the extra credits.

I'm calling this one at 260. No more, no less. I'll still pass on the new strings as I have no use for them. Seriously nice bass folks. If you're looking for your first or a new one it's well worth a look.

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Me too,just have too many other things on to play it. I have am' offer via PM of 150.

I've agreed with the bidder to hold off until next week as I've just lowered the price to 200 today and it's already a bargain at that. This version goes for over 300 on eBay and the like 2nd hand so I'm really looking for nearer 200

Come, treat yourself someone. You deserve it ; )

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