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  1. No thanks, I'm looking for a cash sale.
  2. Bump... I realise it's a fair wedge, but really is a beautiful guitar and someone should be using it
  3. Fair enough, when i bought it i specified Rosewood as i liked the contrast between body/neck. For what i was going to use it for, the difference between maple or rosewood in terms of sound was completely moot.
  4. Well that's disappointing. Anyone else interested? Would prefer to sell locally and as I mentioned any reasonable offers will certainly be considered!
  5. Cant' seem to edit the OP, but here's some pics. If you want any more, please let me know. http://imgur.com/a/XcUrz << imgur album, pics are not rotated right, but you get the idea...
  6. Hi, yeah i can deliver. I'm in Bridge of Don. Give me a buzz 07921 710708 / olxognu@hotmail.com Cheers Alex
  7. Hardly used, now sadly gathering dust. In great nick, one very small cut on the top, easily sorted with a dab of superglue. Looking for £200 (RRP £340 ish), can deliver (within reason! )
  8. Reinforced metal corners etc. Heavy duty foam inside, currently cut to a Warwick Corvette, but any new foam could be bought and used. I'll post pics tonight. It's from Flightcasewarehouse.co.uk : http://flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/music/typeproducts2.asp?id=3140-3980 Looking for £50. In great condition, mostly used for storage rather than carrying basses around.
  9. Hi guys, For sale: Ampeg SVT 3 PRO Bass amp: RRP new +/- £800 http://www.ampeg.com/products/pro/svt3pro/index.html Has lived its whole life in a 4u Rack Case. Will include speaker lead, power cables, couple of other leads. Ampeg B410HLF (4x10 Cab) RRP new +/- £350 http://www.ampeg.com/products/b/b410hlf/index.html Both bought about 2 yrs ago, only ever used in practice, never been gigged. Looking to sell both together for £850ish...no rush, so not a desperate sale. Any reasonable offers will be entertained, not looking for swap. For Sale also: Tech21 Sansamp RBI: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/rbi.html This is the REAL DEAL. Absolutely incredible bass effect unit. RRP £270, looking for about £180-200. Really is awesome, think i still have the manual somewhere, if not all the details are on the Tech 21 site. Bought about 18 months ago. If interested in any of this stuff, or any questions, please email me as I don't check this site that often: alexagnew1984@gmail.com thanks.
  10. XBOX 360 ELITE (120GB HARDDRIVE) CONSOLE MEGA-BUNDLE on eBay (end time 19-Jun-11 10:07:51 BST) if anyone's interested, would obviously knock off postage if anyone from here were to win.
  11. Hi, As above, i got it for free from someone on here, so only fair that it goes for free too. Nothing wrong with it, just not what i need anymore. Very sturdy. I can deliver.
  12. got any pictures? no of seats? mileage etc?
  13. Ok, i'm looking for a suppressor for bass, got some earthing buzz, bit of feedback (on bass. ha.) because i'm driving my amp pretty hard. i.e. not djent tight metulz. So, could you enlighten me as to why the MXR is 'better' than a Boss pedal? if it's twice the price new it must be "better", right? Does it just react faster?
  14. Am watching a couple of things on ebay, will get back to you
  15. Or a similar pedal , just want to cut some buzz...
  16. Anyone got one they're looking to get rid of? Cheers
  17. Just buy one and bring it with you, but DO NOT buy one when you get to Aberdeen, it is extortionatly expensive compared to what you can find online or in other cities.
  18. god damned people selling stuff dirt cheap when i don't have the money! someone HAS to take this at 600!!
  19. got any pics? i had a really nice teal coloured warwick with the woodgrain showing... be interested to see what this looks like...could be persuaded...
  20. First of all, bravo on your pun, you are literally the first person to ever make such a pun. That's so fresh. And...most of the "traditional metal/grind bands" from Aberdeen are to whom i was referring. That is by no means slagging you off, i've no idea who you are or what bands you are or aren't in. Also, the "modern metal" bands that i have seen, who you would probably refer to as "haircut metal" or "emo, lolzzz gayz" , while also perhaps not my thing musically at least seem to know what a semi-good guitar tone seems to be.
  21. Good luck guys. Although i dislike A Day to Remember and Four Year Strong as individual bands, Aberdeen certainly needs more fun bands. Can't remember the last metal show that i went to that wasn't ball-achingly boring. Aberdeen metal bands: learn to play before turning the gain to "wasp in a jar" and telling your drummer to play his kick pedal "as fast as you can".
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