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Looking For Cheap Cymbals


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complete cymbal set-up...

20" Paiste Signature Dimensions Ride 100

20" Paiste Signature Heavy Chinese 120

19" Paiste Signature Power Crash 120

17" Paiste Signature Mellow Crash 90

14" Paiste Signature Medium Hi-Hats 80

10" Paiste PST5 Splash 10

If you were to go for the complete set of cymbals, I'll throw in a Paiste Cymbal bag which is worth 80, an 8" Zildjian Custom A Splash cymbal, and a couple of Dixon mini boom arms, so the total is 520, but the actual value is well over three times that. They are all in excellent nick, a couple are mint condition, the most played are the Hi-Hats, hence their price.

I know you said cheap, and this is as cheap as I'll go, they are all in perfect condition, no cracks/keyholes or warped, and they would be perfect for Rock/Thrash/Grunge... Louder music than I'm playing, I've kinda replaced most of them with Dark Energy and Traditional Paiste cymbals, and if you do go for them I'll be able to buy 13" Dark Energy Hi-Hats for around 360, so it's over to you, let me know your thoughts as I'm going to be putting them up on Ebay soon, and I'll be after more money from there... Phil

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