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Hey people,

im looking to get a band started along the lines of atreyu,poison the well,everytime i die,killswitch engage,bleeding through..you get the idea.Well anyway,there is me and another guy already we both play guitar.There are other people who are interested but cant make their minds up cause are in bands already,so if u feel like u could be up for it,write me a note and PM me it.Cheers.


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ok just read this and im totally interested. i am the vocalist in a band but out guitarist has just left cos he wouldnt play the kinda stuff we wanted to which is exactly like what you have described. so we have a vocalist, bass player, and drummer, all really really keen to get a new hardcore band like bleeding through converge, atreyu etc as soon as possible.

if you are still interested please post here again.

or email j_n_123@hotmail.com

or add johnathannoble@msn.com to messenger

or call 07969366853.

WE ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED please call or get in touch somehow.

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