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  1. I agree, I think your older songs were cooler, less fancy, and just more fun to listen to. It's been done well though, obviously, and I'm sure plenty of bairns will be into it. Although, I don't see how you justify calling it NEW, i'm pretty sure you let me hear this song almost exactly 1 year ago... Congrats on the album though, can you buy it in HMV yet?
  2. Anybody know any bands who'd like to play this gig? There will be no vegan food (much to the dismay of Dimitrij) but the big guy who works there is a richt fine boy.
  3. Dimitrij. - AMAZING fast paced punk/screamo from Vienna, Austria. Positive a lot of you would love them. If you haven't already done so, check them out! www.myspace.com/dimitrilovesconspiracy support from Clearer the sky, Set light our kingdom. Also looking to get Kaddish on this bill. Any more suggestions incase that's a no-no?
  4. anyone with the opinion that yashin are something more than fucking shite, probably doesn't deserve an opinion P.S. Anyone who hasn't conformed to this type of junk, and is looking for a gig tonight, head to the East Neuk for fault and fracture, escape to victory (kirks new band) and clearer the sky.
  5. anyone got any tickets to sell? I need one. I just ordered one off the internet, but apparantly it's sold out. The order worked fine though
  6. Dina ken why those links came up all weird and over informative. ah well you get the point!
  7. Not sure if this is in the right thread! my posts are always moved. anyway, check out the two new tracks we stuck up on our page if you're interested. MySpace.com - Clearer The Sky - Aberdeen, Scotland - Rock / Metal / Other - www.myspace.com/clearerthesky (Clearer The Sky - Official Website for the myspace haters :-p) Tracks are entitled 'Moving from hither to yon' and ' The Fields Stretch' Thanks! Hope you enjoy, we are trying really hard!
  8. Clearer the Sky Escape Today (Ex- At Long Last) allstationsdown Forgotten Shadow
  9. east neuk show will be a cracker like!
  10. what kinda prices are you asking for neil? and the yeah ill whats your msn merry christmas? some help would be affa grand
  11. i quite like this song, keen to hear more from you guys though, as it's a little short. it's a nice song, but i don't feel it goes anywhere? like someone said already, would have been nice if carried on a bit with more build up or something i'll be at the show
  12. i need both. apparantly buying the domain from somewhere then the hosting from somewhere else and getting the domain to point to wherever the site is hosted is a better idea? i don't know i can be bothered with all that. i just want to get it going.
  13. don't know if i'm in the right forum area but... ... What are the best and fairly cheap deals on the internet for web hosting a dotcom. never made one before and wondered if any of you lot have and know which company to go for. cheers
  14. glasgow should have stated that. darkest hour aswel but its all bout btbam :-)
  15. like the title says.. anyone need one? will sell for any offers over 2.50
  16. get a job writing music for the new final fantasy. sounds like it would fit in.
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