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  1. All these great bands: We Shall Be Blessed - Mighty crazy core. At Long Last - Aggresive post hardcore/punk Stayover - Bouncing pop punk Within These Walls - Grunge/Rock straight in your face all can be enjoyed for the sum of 3 on the 25th of May at Imagine,just off belmont street on gaelic lane,where old elementz used to be,next to slains. Doors are at 7.30pm,bring yourself and all your friends.All the money goes to the bands. Underground.
  2. first of all you have no idea,who i am or what i stand for.I hate fighstar,i was taking piss out of the scene point faggots.But we could maybe call a tune "I killed Ambientmood and felt no remorse" Now this topic is for applying musicians,anything else pm me.
  3. hey we have been a band for almost four months now,just been writing music so far. We are looking for a drummer to come in and complete the line up. Drummer interested in playing metal/hardcore/punk music. All welcome,once we have a few people interested we'll arrange to get you down for a jam. So pm back if interested.
  4. you could well be right...but most likely its cause your a wanker.Maybe your mistaking the women in moshulu for being munters,just to cover up your bad looks.Who knows?????? To be honest don't really look at the women,as i have a girlfriend.So whats the gig you plan on going to?..or you just going to download song live vids of net,turn the lights of and call yourself a music fan?
  5. would that be a balding,dick head with a leather jacket?.
  6. Hey thats really good OR you could just maybe get out the house,go to some local shows,support the scene (aberdeen-music.com,this is the site your on) and not have to wait for someone to post some text,to excite you.If all this was doen,you could be another name with a face. But hey,it was just a suggestion.I'll prob walk past you in moshulu,and not have a clue who you are. Taylor XXX
  7. ok,i have texted and messaged jamesy with a list of people i got to come down,so all is good.CAN ANYONE GIVE SOMEONE A LIFT HOME TO WESTHILL AFTER GIG,AS THEY HAVE NO CASH FOR TAXI?
  8. end of day,we aint asking you to join in.Were just asking you to respect us.Now i go to moshulu and there is knob ends,who are so like "metallica never sold out,what you on about?".And they run up and push us over,cause there about 30 and big (exaggeration).You never see us go,look that guy has a slipknot t-shirt on,lets kill him,do you?...NO. And when at gigs you'll find that we stand back abit from frontline crowd,as too not punch them in ribs,but when your all going to be faggots,like at Bleeding Through.And decide iot be fun to gang up on us,or try and take the piss,then YES you will get hit,cuz you dont have a clue how to do it.I think if you ask anyone who wasnt moshing if they got hit by us,everyone would say NO. BUT..if you ask,did anyone end up with a stranger wrapped round your leg,cuz some big tough guy through him to the ground,cuz he had his bowl of porridge that day,the answer would be YES.So why dont all you metal kids,who cant open your mind to something new,just make your OWN pit to one side,and we'll make one at the other.SMASHING! My names Taylor by the way,if you have questions,ask someone will point me out.
  9. i scott,noticed that aswell.If only i had bought kerrang everything would have been so simple.
  10. your all right,im a complete tit!. I got this e-mail which was abit hard to read.way it was laid out.Im must of told myself i was reading it right and that norma jean were the support.Then i get a copy of kerrang and bam plain and simple,THERE NOT!!!! So yeah,who is still coming on bus and shit now?
  11. when i saw the ad,it had plus support from norma jean and other to be confirmed.
  12. it is norma jean.Dont know how many yet.Still waiting to hear back from people.
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