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Dizzy Storm

Desert Hearts & De Rosa, Sat 17th July

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DESERT HEARTS are an indie-rocking three-piece from Belfast with all the uptempo urgency of Pretty Girls Make Graves and the introspective edge that made Interpol's 'Turn On The Bright Lights' the winner it was. They're over here to do a few shows promoting their new AA split single with Robyn G Shiels, 'Gravitas/Hammer and Frogs'...


here's some nice reviews...

No More Art" is two and a half minutes of urgent, blitzkrieg artpop that skewers Pavement and Disco Inferno in one thrust whilst the b-side is a slow-building motorik instrumental with shades of Bark Psychosis."

"...as good a debut album to emerge from the North as anything since The Undertones. Setting it's cap firmly in the camp of mid-80's widescreen indie (at times it sounds unerringly like a long lost Martin Hannett gem), it has a self-assurance, and gentle surety that, really, should only appear a few more records down the line. That a trio from Belfast has managed to do this is terrific. That they've also managed to stamp their personality the whole way through is cause for greater delight. These Hearts are on fire." (HOT PRESS)

"This is a beautiful record, not an angry one. It's never been fashionable to sound this unguarded but for a certain, select audience this could easily be one of the indie records of the year so far." Trevor Baker

check www.desertheartsmusic.com and www.gargleblastrecords.com for soundclips etc

DE ROSA - up and coming Lanarkshire 4-piece

'dynamic, inventive and moving seamlessly between left of centre and mainstream. these guitar crunching smart arses know him to hammer together an irresistable tune playing their loud/quiet card to maximum effect from moments of pin drop intimacy to sporadic guitar fury. De Rosa have the tools at their disposal to create truly memorable records'

received a demo from them a while back and it really stood out, i love it!....they got through to the finals T Break heats this year too... www.wearederosa.com



supports stbc

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Guest ForbiddenFruitcake

yus! i get back from paris on friday, so i shall be there, rocking my socks off! the desert hearts are..grand..:)

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um, i've had a report from said local krautrock band that their krautrock drummer can't make it so they may not be so krautrock. the shadowy cabal of musicians that make up das organisation assure me that they will still be there and will probably be using the drummer from a local joy-divisiony group who they feel an uncommon bond with but who are in no way related to das organisation, no siree nuh-uh.

so i'm glad that's cleared up.

desert hearts rule.

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