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Debut Music Video By Local Artist "Cheeens"

Drew DigiTek

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Just a quick thread to let you guys know about a Local artists named "Cheeens" he has just released his debut release called "My Miind in Rhyme" and the lead single "For So Long" is available to download now.

The official Video for "For So Long" can be found at this link (it also includes a clip of track "the Greatest") : YouTube - Cheeens - For So Long (Prod. EKIZEL) OFFICIAL VIDEO

The project has been made from start to finish by only two people they are Cheeens and Myself (Ekizel). From writing, production, recoridng, mastering, releasing etc etc its taken us over 2 years to make the material and polish it to a stage we are happy with.

Please check out the video and rate/comment to let us know what you think and all feedback is welcome.

If your intrested in buying the music then its available worldwide on all major digital download sites including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, nokia, eMusic, Lala and many more just search "Cheeens - My Miind in Rhyme" on your favourite site.

here is a direct link to the Download, this will open your iTunes player on your computer iTunes Store - Cheeens - My Miind In Rhyme - I'm Out (Prod.EKIZEL)

On Cheeens youtube channel you can see blogs of Him recording the track and previews along with other stuff. Behind the scenes at teh video shoot and more episodes will be coming soon.

please let us know what u think and rate/comment the video. most of all dont forget to spread the word if you liek this video





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