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Wizard 2009 Festival, Saturday 29th August Review


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Thanks for the kind words Richie.

We were pretty nervous as it was first gig with new drummer - guess we decided to just go for it and it seemed to go well.

I dont know if you have an album but let me know and ill get you a copy asap.


oh, and mentioned ungdomskulen t-shirt is possibly unwearable now after getting mud covered and soaked at Wizard! shame, it was a fave of mine too

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Just couldn't get into the VMs Biz, sorry, and shame I missed Stanley (only able to make it to the Saturday) as I've always liked them when I've seen them.

Rolling around in the mud were we Steven? Meant to pick up your album in One Up at the weekend (honest!) but didn't get round to it due to having to watch Scotland play some football or other.


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Guest Gladstone

Only bands I saw that Richie saw were Charlatans and Little Kicks. Thought both were very good. Was more impressed with Charlatans than I was expecting - haven't really heard any of the new stuff, and forgot how dancy-sounding they are. It worked well, and none of their songs sounded dated.

Little Kicks were on top form. If you didn't know it was a new drummer, you would never have noticed.

Best band of the weekend for me was Indian Red Lopez, just pipping Little Kicks. :)

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