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New Bassment Quiz: STAR WARS 17/08/09

Afro Droid

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And the questions were...


Original Trilogy

1)What malfunctions on the red R5 unit in "A New Hope", allowing Luke to purchase R2-D2?

A: Alternator

B: Motivator

C: Capacitor

2)Which 3 Rebel Leaders briefed the Rebel Soldiers before the final assault on the 2nd Death Star in Return of the Jedi? Point for each.

3)What Cell Number is Leia held in 'A New Hope'?

A: 2278

B: 2187

C: 2378

4)Which Character has the last line in each original film?

5)The Episode V, Vader recruits a group of six bounty hunters to track the Milienium Falcon name them for a point each.

6)On what planet does Han Solo mention encountering a Bounty Hunter trying to collect the Bounty on his head in Empire Strikes Back?

7)What designation is Lukes fighter at the Battle of Yavin?

8)Who is the Chief of the Ewoks?

9)What does the 'TIE' in TIE FIGHTER stand for?

10)How many stones does luke stack on top of each other while balancing upside down with yoda on his foot on Daghoba ?

A: 2

B: 3

C: 4

11)Who is the co-pilot aboard the Millenium Falcon during the Battle of Endor?

12)Leia disguises herself as which bounty Hunter to infiltrate Jabbas Palace? Bonus point for his race.

Prequel Trilogy

1)What species is Darth Maul? Bonus point if you can name the member of the Jedi Council of the same species.

2)Who kills the person that kills Jango Fett

3)What does the waitress offer Obi-Wan when he enters Dexters Diner in Episode II?

4)Which two Steven Spielberg characters have brief cameos in the Phantom Menace?

5)What designation is Anakins fighter at the Battle of Coruscant?

6)What does AT-TE stand for?

7)Who says: Greed can be a powerful ally?

8) Who was Count Dookoos master before he fell to the Dark Side?

9)What is the name of the Jedi Master who Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Anakin Skywalker, moved their troops to Boz Pity?

10)Which 4 Jedi does Palpatine/Darth Sidious when they attempt to arrest him? Point for each.

11)What is the name of the Kaminoan Prime Minister?

A: Lama Su

B: Taun We

C: Bultar Swan

12)What position does Jar Jar Binks hold in "Episode II"?

A: Senior Representative

B: Trainee Ambassador

C: Chief Annoyance

Expanded Universe comics, books, games etc

1)Who is the hero of the Jedi Knight series of games?

2)In Star Wars: Legacy, the primary villain is a Sith Lord called Darth Krayt, what was Darth Krayts name before he turned to the dark side? Bonus point for his species.

3)Which species is able to repel the Force by creating a Force-neutral bubble?

4)In canon what gender is Revan?

5)On which moon of Yavin did Luke Skywalker begin his Jedi Praxeum?

A: Yavin 3

B: Yavin 4

C: Yavin 5

6)Complete the phrase: There is no emotion, there is________

7)What species are capable of exuding pheromones that make all but the most determined of humanoids of opposite sex become strongly attracted to them?

A: Falleen

B: TwiLek

C: Nikto

8)What is the name of Grand Admiral Thrawns Star Destroyer? Bonus point for race

A: Devastator

B: Stormhawk

C: Chimaera

9)Name Anakins padawan from the recent Clone Wars series.

10) Tenel Ka is a native of which planet?

11)What colour were Asajj Ventress' lightsabers that were destroyed by Count Dooku in the first Clone Wars series?

12)Who signed the Corellian Treaty less than two years before the Battle of Yavin? Point for each.

Behind the scenes

1)In Turkish Star Wars, what is the original theme song played throughout almost the entire movie?

A: Superman

B: Ben Hur

C: Indiana Jones

2)True or false, Anthony Daniels once said: The face doesnt go on until the dwarf is in the can

3)Which popular character in subsequent movies first appeared in the Star Wars Holiday Special?

4)What was the budget for the first Star Wars movie:

A: $9M

B: $10M

C: $11M

5)Which is the shortest Star Wars film?

6)The actor who plays Rebel Pilot Wedge Antilles is Euan Macgregors uncle, what is his name?

7)The word "Jedi" is derived from the Japanese words "Jidai Geki" which translate as?

A: Holy Warrior

B: Period adventure drama

C: Spiritual text

8)A New How was the second film to gross more than $100 million at the US box office. What was the first?

9)Tatooine is also the name of a city in which country?

10)Which Star Wars movie did not to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects?

11)The actor Silas Carson has two death scenes in Revenge of the Sith as which two large-headed characters? Point for each.

12)Who plays Jango Fett?

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