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Steve Lukather LUKE Guitar


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if you are looking for a guitar that can cope with any musical situation, then LUKE no further.

Jokes aside, if you've heard of this guitar before, nuf said. I bought this guitar a few years back and it has had a quiet life locked in it's case, I wanted the best sounding guitar and then knew I could never ever play it... it is just too good for me...

I'm back playing the drums and have no use for this amazing instrument anymore, really, if you play Blues, Counrty, Rock, Fusion, Pop or Metal, you will only need this guitar, it can produce so many sounds and tones, it's easy to play stays in tune even if you like using the whamy bar, the pick-ups are silent, the sustain is forever, 2 single coil and 1 humbuker EMG's, Birdseye Maple V neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Alder body...

the Music Man LUKE is as close to perfection as an electric guitar can get...

check it out, have a think and contact me if you want to make me an offer for it...

Ernie Ball Music Man Luke Steve Lukather Signature Model: Harmony Central User Reviews

Music Man Guitars, "LUKE" Steve Lukather Model, Color "Luke Blue",

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