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Suggestions on buying rack system for drum set


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I gig alot and I use my own kit quite a bit. I have a good few cymbals, and I aint particualry found of the way the hardware for my kit has to be set up. I was wandering what people thought about buying a rack system?

I play heavier styles like abrb if that helps Lol

any opinions apreciated x

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I got a Gibraltar rack a few years ago for the same reason. I just couldn't get the setup I wanted using stands. It's very useful for being able to very quickly get the same setup every time no-matter the stage.

I've reduced the size of my kit quite significantly since getting my rack and so no longer use it. If you are interested, I'm selling it for 150ish. Let me know and I can dig out some pictures and give you more details if you like :up:

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If your rack toms are mounted onto your bass drum, it may prove useful changing to clamping the toms onto your stands. I recently upgraded kits, to one which has no bass drum tom mount, therefore my toms are on clamps, and I can adjust to much better positions. Not trying to push away from the rack thought, just an idea, and also a lot more pocket pleasing.

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I used to use a rack, and although they were brilliant during the gig, i found them a pain in the arse to constanty put up and down.

I now have three Gibralter double cymbal and tom stands. So between the 3 stands i can have 6 cymbals and 6 toms, my BD isn't drilled so this worked out perfect. I know that sounds really excessive to go on one stand, but these things are beasts and in no way is performance or security compromised. And they just fold up and down like a normal boom stand. They are also amazingly versatile, and almost any cymbal or Tom position can be achieved.

Pretty sure it would be simple enough to buy extra boom arms and add them into the tom holder sockets if you wanted extra cymbals than toms too. Well worth checking out.

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