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Gong Fei at T in the Park

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If any of you have a ticket and are looking to maximise enjoyment return on the ample price paid you should come and watch us cut loose!

We're playing on saturday at high noon, the traditional cowboy showdown time.

This means that there is literally nothing else worth seeing or doing at the same time. Other than lie in a probably flooded tent, shoes as a pillow, the shrieks and whoops of idiots rising to the point where you no longer know if they are actually happening or just voices in your head. The caterwaul of someone playing a Ting-Tings song on an out of tune acoustic guitar for the hundredth time of the weekend drowning out your sobs as you sit alone wondering what exactly it is that you're missing out on that everyone else seems to deem worthy of queueing outside for 3 days in February to shell out a ludicrious ammount of money for despite the fact that the line-up won't be announced for weeks.

So yeah...

Saturday, Noon. T-break stage. Do it!




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