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No More Soundchecks II: Men Diamler + Oliver RIchard @ Peacock Visual Arts

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Vocoustics Promotions & Interesting Music Promotions Presents:


Sunday 12th July

Peacock Visual Arts, 21 Castle Street, Aberdeen.

5 from 8pm


Vocoustics Promotions and Interesting Music Promotions present the second night of NO MORE SOUNDCHECK unplugged performances on Sunday 12th July at Peacock Visual Arts. This show will be headlines by the unique Men Diamler with support from Oliver Richard.

You will never forget the first time you see Men Diamler live as he has a habit of dividing the audience! Sometimes this happens right down the middle, which is good as it makes it easier for him to walk around while singing a spiritual/hymn.

He is an earthly hellraiser and spirit changer preaching a revolution in footstompin' blues, two string serenades, backwoods heartache and pagan folk. A masterful lyricist of sweetness and dark and possessor of a near-operatic voice of such character and power it is truly jaw dropping. An emotionally stark and unpredictable live show full of naked soul giving, woozy lullabies, sea shanties and spirituals. It truely is an enlightening visceral gospel.

In his own words Men Diamler is "more Krypton Factor than X Factor"; "breaks glass but the hammer is made of glass"; and "can't tell if the glass is half empty or half full - because it is a can!"

"...has to be seen!" BBC Radio Scotland

"Indescribable really... an amazing talent" Fence Records

"...a star, no two ways about it. Admittedly, a star in some macabre parallel universe where negro-field spirituals, Victorian freakshows, Glaswegian drinking songs, German expressionist art and Italian opera have become the dominant culture." Decode

"Men Diamler cannot be ignored...it's just him and his guitar, and sometimes it's just him, a cappella not even always in front of a microphone but his voice is so astonishing that traffic literally stops. He makes sure we know we're watching a performance of spiritual-gospel-blues, but it's authentic as it gets." Fact Magazine

Support comes from the local bluesman Oliver Richard who has a voice, songs and demeaner of a man born 80 years too late and on the wrong continent.

Peacock Visual Arts - Peacock Visual Arts :: 01224 639539 ::

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