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What Marionettes are up to.........


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Hey folks, Daryl here....incase you don't me or my band I play guitar in Marionettes who have been in and around the Aberdeen music circuit for a couple of years now.

Just to let a few folks know what we've doing recently, here goes:

Just played our last gig with Andrew (surfa_rosa) a couple of weeks back at the Lemon Tree and went down a storm, could possibly have been the perfect send off and he shall be sorely missed.

We are re-grouping and have recently recorded a tune that you all shall hopefully be able to indulge in soon, as we have a new bass player and are now incorporating a synthesiser into our full line-up.

Our "comeback gig" of sorts shall be at the beach ballroom on the 22nd August, so would be good to see a few of you there for a good time!

We intended to do a week-long tour in September which we had booked but a lack of funds and incomprehendable circumstances proved to get in the way of this so we're merely venturing away for the weekend instead.

So for anybody who cares........thank you!

May this musical venture of ours be long lasting and phenomenal!

PS........Local Acts You Should ALLLLLL Make A Point Of Seeing:

Debutant (Possibly the best soloist about just now)

The Little Kicks (At least buy their album, some seriously good tunes on there)

CCJ (Relocated here from Edinburgh, very very promising)

Cast of the Capital (Some of the best music I've heard come out od this city)



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