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Would you come and see Varsity Drag in Aberdeen?

Soda Jerk

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I've never done a gig in this town before, and wouldn't mind giving it a go. Varsity Drag are touring the UK in October. The band is fronted by Ben Deily and his sister. You may know Ben Deily from the first 3 Lemonheads records. They have a couple of full lengths out on the very awesome Boss Tuneage label, and they play nice power pop, pretty much along the lines of the Lemonheads records Ben played on. They even chuck in a good number of 'Heads covers for good measure. What's not to like?

varsity drag on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

They are a nice band and really nice chaps. They are very eager to play Scotland. They already have a Glasgow date and a possible Edinburgh date, but they are keen to venture a bit further north.

Pretty keen on putting them on, mainly so I can see them myself, but I may be alone in my loving all things Lemonheads related admiration.

Any takers?

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