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WANTED-Guitar Synth

Fire and Ice

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Hey man im looking at a synth pedal for adding extra instruments. Isn't the VG just for changing the sound of the guitar to acoustic, banjo, lapsteel etc. Im looking for a pedal that gives me strings piano, violin flute, organ and suchlike. If it does that too then im def interested

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Fraser frmo my band Ascension has one the pedal and pickup

but i dont know if hes mad for selling it...

i will say though, it can be a bastard to fit to a guitar that doesnt have much room between the bridge pickup and the actual bridge

Also, if your playing really really fast shred, it cant mis-trigger a lot,

but if you want, message us on myspace so fraser can see it

Ascension on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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