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Glaciers Melt, Mountains Crumble, Mondragon has 2 new tracks up.

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If by soon you mean this year then maybe, I am slow these days, although I quite enjoyed these, so might try harder.

It always depends, 'Philosophick...' was started on the guitar, and was well quick as I had started with an actual idea, instead of fucking about til I liked something. 'Einstein meets Dark matter...' was one of the latter, loads of bits with nothing coherent for ages, then editing out the bits I didn't like, I wanted it very abstract at first, coagulating together near the end.

Will have a d/l link in 10 mins or so.

There is one that I have to go back and fix, and I hate doing that, so it might be a while.

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writing normally involves stringing some ideas together! :up:

Very good ha ha.

Just interested in the thought process that's gone into the music. It's sounds quite complex from my first listen and definitely not standard structure. I think I go about things in similar way to Mondragon, having lots of ideas and editting them down. Like it a lot. I also really like Type 3 Imposibility Cythera.

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