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Metal Bassist/Vocalist AVAILABLE


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Can do both or just one :D

Been playing bass for 5 years now. Capable of writing riffs and lyrics. Been band-less for a while now and wanna get back up on stage.

Influences include: As I Lay Dying, Seemless, Killswitch Engage (with Jesse), Radiohead, The Mountain Goats, Lamb of God, In Flames, Primus, Editors.

Got a versatile style with bass and would be happy playing anything that falls under the genres of the bands I listed.

Good with graphic design and promotions too.

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yeh man i can turn my hand to a lot of stuff on bass...

used to be in a band as a "lead bassist"

basically meant i put some effects on and jammed some solos etc

they were probably crap solos but was a lot of fun :D

cliff burtons another influence of mine but that would mean having to put metallica down as an influence -.-

dont like em anymore hehe

anyhow, if your mates still lookin tell him to give me a shout :)

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