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Hi guys. Right ive shifted one or two bits but still some let to go.

Ive got a vintage Zildjian ride cymbal in great condition for age - would suit jazz drummers i think!

An old Zildjian Scimmitar hi-hats and ride - been used well but still sound good.

13Inch Richmo custom snare in blure sparkle with black hardware and Dunett strainer.

Pearl Remote hi-hat clamp - as in you can place a second set of hi-hats on the other side of your kit. but its not the sort with a cabel etc

Pearl Icon rack with al the trimmings - lots of cymbal arms and 5 tom clamps.

Sonor hi hat stand

Snare stand - good nick

10" Stagg splash - brilliant finnish. great condition.

Pearl cymbal stand with cymbal stacker attatched - this is really cool you can stack a couple of cymbals on top of each other.

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