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Loch Ness Marathon


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Seeing as we have the Baker Hughes 10k thread I'm opening one to see if anyone is doing the Loch Ness Marathon in October. I'm doing it through work for the RNID charity. I've been wanting to get fit for a while and started my training about 2 weeks ago, and this seems like a perfect excuse while raising money for charity at the same time!

So, anyone doing it or got any training tips?

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Bugger it, after spending the day in Inverness i've decided to sign up.

I've never ran a marathon before, but 4 or so games of football a week for the last couple of years should have the fitness levels at an acceptable level, in which I can improve upon by training properly these next few weeks.

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It's a bit touch and go whether i'll make it after today i'm afraid :(

My knee is feeling really dodgy today, which resulted in having to walk that last mile of my 4mile run home. It was a bit like there were 2 stones in my knee rubbing together every step; which I i'm worried is ligament or cartilage damage. Nae nice!

Maybe I went too hard for the first fays of training? 2 miles on Monday as a warm up, 8 miles yesterday and 8 miles today. Not going to give up yet though!! I'll give it a rest tomorrow, then try again on friday. Knee support will be bought and maybe pop a few painkillers before I run. No running at the weekend due to the Scotland game, but will start again on Monday if the knee is alright.

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Ah, not great! I've been pretty lucky for injuries whilst training. A few niggles here and there, had a bad cold for 2 weeks at one stage so just couldn't be arsed running at all. Work at the minute is proving a bit of an obstacle - doing split shifts and I'm not keen on working, running for miles on end, showering then heading to work again, but if needs must I suppose.

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Well I did it! Absolutely delighted! I'm sore as fuck now though.

I was aiming for 4 hrs 30mins but due to injury (my foot/ankle decided they didn't want to play ball after about 18/19 miles and a bit of cramp in my hamstring) I finished in 4hrs 37mins 43secs.

Did you manage to do it Ross?

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Guest Gladstone

Well done dude! Well done!

Me and a few work colleagues did the 10k and everyone was happy getting round the 10k, so hats off!

I'm running and have roped a few others into running the Edinburgh Marathon next year, along with a few doing the half marathon and relay marathon - everyone's enthusiasm after yesterday is through the roof - seems a great way to get people in the office doing something together other than going to the pub! We've got a mix of males and females from ages of about 20 to nearly 50 involved! And raising money for charity along the way!

Looks like this could fill the void that giving up football earlier this year left...

Once again - well done!

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