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Cherbourg + The Agitator + Matricarians @ Snafu, 10th June

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interesting music promotions are delighted to present our first ever gig at Korova, featuring


Wednesday 10th June 2009

Korova, 18 Bridge St, Aberdeen. Phone 01224 582828 (Enter venue from Windmill Brae)

Doors 7.30pm

Entry 6






London four-piece Cherbourg have been making smart tongues wag and young hearts flutter in the capital for a few months now. Their accomplished live shows, passionate songwriting, four-part harmonies, epic beats and soaring melodies have been winning over crowds at clubs such as Communion. 'Last Chapter Of Dreaming' is their debut release, and just one listen makes it clear that the hipsters are going to have to share this band with the rest of us.

Cherbourg are Andrew Davie (guitar, vocals), Phil Fiddle (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano, vocals), Kevin Jones (bass, vocals) and Chris Maas (drums, vocals), and while they have been together under their current moniker for just six months or so, their musical roots lie much deeper.

Despite his youth Andrew had been playing solo and in other bands on the London scene for years before joining forces with Phil to form the band Davie Fiddle. Phil has been playing the fiddle for about as long as he's been walking, and has shared a stage with many acts including Laura Marling, with whom he has toured extensively. Kevin's musical odyssey begins at college in Devon in the '90s and has taken him geographically through Africa and Europe, and musically through hip hop, Cuban, jazz and drum & bass before landing back in London, returning to his original loves of rock and folk and hooking up with the rest of the band at Communion, the club night he runs with Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons. Chris took up drums and studied music as a child in his native Luxembourg, before moving to London and spending a couple of years with hip hop MC Example, before meeting the rest of the band.

Last summer the stars came into alignment and Cherbourg was born. The songs flowed quickly and a few days in a Devon studio with Ben Lovett behind the desk produced their debut EP 'Last Chapter Of Dreaming'. And what a debut it is: ploughing a deeper and more substantial musical furrow than many of their contemporaries, these four tracks of love and loss layer haunting harmonies and atmospheres over a muscular core that has more in common with bands such as Beirut and Arcade Fire than it does than many of the current crop of UK folk-rock acts.

With their first headline shows just around the corner, and a second EP nearing completion, things are moving fast for Cherbourg. Enjoy the EP and try and come to the gig - they aren't going to be playing in such an intimate venue for ever.




Consisting of local duo Alan Kitchen Cynic Davidson and Susan Matthew, Matricarians create improvised musical pieces to which they later add traditional lyrics, from the folksongs of North East Scotland.


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The Agitator added to the line-up.


A friend and I decided to have a cheeky tipple at our local - The Amersham Arms, after a cocktail or two we wondered where the throng of young New Cross Indie Fashion types (80s look is still there but more alternative chic 1993 is now in vogue pop pundits!) were heading when they went through a separate door to the bar.being nosey and at a loose end we followed them upstairs. To our surprise the place was packed with a mike stand on top of a case at the back. Then just as I was gulping down my Raspberry flavoured poncey cocktail - very out of place I must say, there was a huge cry and all eyes were on the young gentlemen on top of said case. Bequiffed with a menacing scowl he let out the most amazing sound accapella style and we were all bewitched - f**cking amazing. I was captivated - part blues, part rap with a political edge you could not ignore. My eyes were on storks and the crowd lapped it up - my only problem was that my view was slightly obscured by Josh Weller - massive hair - part Basquiat part Barton Fink - look foward to checking out his music soon. After telling those seated on the floor to get up muttering something about being a bunch of hippies, he began the next song. The two guys behind him were beating in time to the music - so no electronics, no gimmicks, just pure unadulterated music. Impassioned and totally fresh sounding it really felt like one of those I was there moments The guys music & performance (later told he was called Derek Meins) should be heard & seen by everyone, catch him when you can - check out myspace for dates. (Retna Blog)


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