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Anyone selling humbuckers?


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He says he is "trying to straddle the line between bluesy sounds and then on the other hand sometimes playing more Mogwai esque bright sounding things".

Hope that helps. I'm thinking maybe P90 actually.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Wizard are ace.

BTW. If you still have the crate, look on marshall amp forum!

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Ive got a set of brand new Seymour Duncan's. they're 59's. Based on classic Les Paul 59 PAF's. It's nickel cover's on them.

They were in a guitar for the whole of 30 minutes then i realised the guitar was beyond pish.

I can fit them for you for fuck all too if you like.

What are you looking for for them? In the meantime I'm going to try him out with a P90 guitar to see if that's closer to his needs.

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