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power/electric question?!

Dan G

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Anyone know lots about electrical stuff?

To power my rack I need 3 sockets: 1 for my power conditioner, 1 for a 12V adaptor for wireless, and a 9V adaptor for a pro rack G.

I figured the best idea is to have a 4-way extension lead attached to my rack tray. But I don't want the huge long cable attached to the 4-way dragging around inside my rack.

So, is it possible to do the following:

1. Buy a 4-way extension lead and chop off the cable so there is only a couple of inches of cable left.

2. Buy a male IEC adaptor and solder it to the 4-way in place of the plug.

3. Then fix this to my rack so it's always there with my various bit of equipment plugged into it.

4. then whenever I need to power it, I can take a standard female IEC power cable and plug it into my modified 4-way.

I've done a diagram to make what I'm talking about a lot easier to understand:


Any help would be great!


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