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New Hidden Leaves Acoustic Demos


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Uploaded a couple of home acoustic demos we have done. One is an older track (Mr E) and the other is one of our newer songs (Swansong)

You can check em out at

Hidden Leaves on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

any feedback is appreciated on this one so feel free to get stuck in

as an after thought ive set all the tracks on the page as free download (apart from built on lies as that is our track for the fat hippy sampler). thing is i dont know how the hell you use the download function on that player and many people have said same thing to me.

anyone know???

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
I emailed them and have managed to find out that they have disabled the download function temporarily while they sort out the new myspace local music sites.

Temporarily!? That hasn't been working for months and months and months....

Back on topic - I'll give the new tracks a listen sometime soon. I remember really liking the song on the Fat Hippy Sampler :up:

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I've listened. The recording is nice and clear. I get MSP undertones from the vocals (but my current band knowledge is pretty shit so there are probably more recent influences too). The acoustic guitar is overly heavy on the bass frequencies and after a while that reverb begins to grate. The songs themselves didn't annoy me, but they also didn't grab me.

I'm sure a lot of folk will disagree though.

All the best

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