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4U rack case

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4U rack case for sale

made by freestyle cases, sturdy as fuck

Manufactured to the highest specification with the professional musician in mind. Aluminium stucco finish is standard which can be upgraded with Formica coloured laminate to personalise your case.

Bonded aluminium stucco

Heavy duty recessed butterfly catches.*

Snap back handles.

Tongued & grooved aluminium extrusion.

Heavy duty metal ball corners.

All riveted construction.

Super rugged nickel hardware.

you could drop well over a ton on it and probably not even damage it

its got a few scratches on the corners but nothing much

50 o.n.o

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im am quiet skint and i do have a "skroo" for every hole, i just took them out when i took my rack units out and put em in a little bag.

not realy a fan of pedals to be honest but if you send me a list of things ur willing to swap ill look over it. would prefere cash tho

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