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Toxik Ephex celebrate 30th anniversary at Drummonds Mar. 15th


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...If ye know anythin aboot Toxik Ephex's collective organisational skills, then ye'll nae be surprised when Ah tell ye .... Ah hivna a fkn clue!!!:laughing: ... Yer askin the guy wha put the first batch o' web flyers oot wi the wrang date on! ... !!

We're on last, so it'll be that " Shite! .. Ah've work the morn" kinda time Ah would imagine.

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Just want tae add ma thanks tae everybody who came along tae support the gig, and of course Willows.

Special thanks tae the support bands ...ALL fkn excellent in their own right .... for me, one of the best nights o' music, start tae finish, for a long, long time. further thanks tae the bands for keepin things movin smoothly so everybody got their set done around their expected slot.

As for oorselves, we had a fantastic time on stage .... just a damn good night all round.

....bonny sair heid today though .... but still havin the odd spontanaeous chuckle as wee memories come staggerin back!

... Ah'm cacklin awa here as Ah recall Dod, as we kicked intae 'Playing With Fire' he flicked open that wallet o' his which bursts intae flames and held it aloft ... then nae satisfied wi that, he got in behind me tae pour some mair lighter fuel on the flames, and then lit up a fag and puffed on it tae create heaps o' smoke aroon ma while a wis daein the lead intro .... ha ha ... what a fuckin nutcase! .... great stuff!

... lookin forward tae the next one! .... Ah'll post a wee link tae any photos that get uploaded ... for anybody wha missed it!

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