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FS: Yamaha DTXpress III (electronic Drumkit)


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Hey folks,

I currently use the brain of this in my live set-up but to be perfectly honest it's a bit of overkill!! I don't need anywhere near the functions that it has and I also never use any of the pads anymore.

The pads and stands are all in an excellent/mint condition (actually need a bit of a dust! - shows how much I've used them!) and although the brain/module has stickers on the top it is always carried around in a padded hardcase so is also in a very good condition.

Like I say, looking for a sale (preferably in aberdeen) to raise some money so that I can buy a bespoke drum trigger/sample module more suitable for my live playing needs.

Here is a link:Yamaha DTXpress III - Abcsounds.co.uk

This is the cheapest I have found it online (bought for 1000 new a few years ago! grr) so make me an offer if you're interested!! It's perfect for the at home drummer who doesn't want to make a noise and has space issues!!


Please send me a private message if you are interested.


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For added info, I am looking to buy a Roland SPD-S Drum sampler module. these RRP at 399 new and so would consider doing a straight swap if someone had one and wanted to get rid of it.

Either that or just the normal cash and I'll go buy that myself!!


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