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Aberdeen "The Venue" & "Ritzy's"


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Just discovered this site, I worked with Duncan during this period when I got sacked from 'Ritzy's' for bringing the club into disrepute, i.e. my nights Monday (indie) & Thursday (metal) were doing better than the Friday & Saturday punter nights...I have loads of artwork & leaflets tucked away that I'll try to download for the archive...all hard copies as well before computers & all created on the photocopier... during my time we had The Pixies, The Wedding Present, The Wonderstuff, Faith No More, New Model Army, Desmond Decker, The Sweet...., Texas, & my favorite of all time SWAMPTRASH...If anyone has thier one & only album I'd love to get an MP3 version...my copy got lost in a move many years ago.... loved Aberdeen but closure of the Venue forced a move down south.... I believe my Monday night at Ritzys (Bonkers???) is still going after all this time! I'd be surprised if Benny was still DJ'ing but you never know....

Go and scan the classic Escape Club flyer with the louche aristo dude if you can please, I can't find my leftovers, halcyon days etc etc.

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I was around 18 when we used to do the venue,a great  place back then. Bands,girls,smoking,and everything Ellen that went on. It always had an edge but if you did get out of line,I remember the two heavy bouncers would usually eject you head first into the car park. Think it had a small open kitchen that server something. So much bands to remember. 



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