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Piano player offering his services

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Hey there.

Wanting to get back into live playing having not done any in about a year. Starting up own band but would love to play as much as possible. Been playing for about 12 years.

Not necessarily looking to join any band, but it would be cool to do so. But even if anyone fancies getting a keys player in for the occasional one off gig or some recording as a session musician, or anything on a more permanent basis then fire me a message on here or at my email which is diarmaidogallagher@gmail.com

Not altogether fussed about the style of music. Just love playing and the more different styles the better it is for me. Though in saying that I'm not sure how mch use I'd be as a keys player in a DreamTheatre style band, but hey, I'd give it a shot.

So let me know if you fancy it.

Cheers D

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