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Bonesaw - Split EP w/ Abscess (USA)

Bonesaw Bazz

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Aphelion Productions Press Release:

Abscess / Bonesaw "Split" Mini CD


All new studio material from both bands. Abscess from California will be familiar to almost everyone from their countless releases on Peaceville,Red Stream,Relapse and so on.Featuring ex members of Autopsy,Von etc etc. the tracks here present a more down and dirty approach than much of their recent output as they Skulldoze their way through four tracks. Bonesaw from the frozen north wastes of Scotland may be less familiar. Featuring ex-member of Death Metal legends Korpse they play old school DM the way it should be while still throwing enough fresh ideas into the mix to keep thing's interesting. Excellent cover artwork courtesy of Chris Reifert wraps the whole thing up in one nice bloodstained bundle.

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