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Genevieve News/Tracks/Update


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Well, for those of you who might be interested i thought i'd share a bit of news relating to Genevieve.

Despite people thinking to the contrary we are still a band, albeit a purely recording focused one at the moment. Due to Kenny living in Belgium now with his wife playing gigs is somewhat more awkward than it perhaps could be :D

We're determined to carry on putting music together in some form or another though and i've just put up two instrumental demos from a wee while back on our myspace as an indicator of the direction we are/were heading in. The two tracks in question are called "The Retreat of Glaciers" and "The Bell Witch" and are up now on: MySpace.com - Genevieve - Aberdeen / Maud, UK - Alternative / Indie / Shoegaze - www.myspace.com/genevieveuk

It would be nice to hear a bit of feedback but please note that they are purely live demos and the key focus at that time was just to lay down some ideas.

In other news we have a 2 track Christmas thing on the way that is nearly finished and will hopefully at least be up on the myspace before Christmas itself. One track is finished, the other is being finished off. We have also been collating all our recorded output to date and are hoping to combine our previous EP, "Shield", with 7 or so other tracks to put out an album next year. Full details of that are still a bit on the sparse side as its only in the planning stages just now and we may want to record the two demos properly to go on there too.

Anyway, the songs are up now, along with a few from "Shield" so please have a listen and let us know what you think.




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the bell witch is pretty darn tootin (well written and catchy song, really good few bridgey bits)

cant get along with the retreat of the glacier (bit ploddy, doesnt really go anywhere for me) or the christmas songs (bah humbug etc not feeling any hooks)

Cheers for the comments. The Retreat Of Glaciers was actually 12 minutes long, so be thankful it was cut down a tad :D

The Christmas songs were just for fun as well :)

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