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Street Fighter HD

Captain America

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Playing this game to death at the moment, and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

The netcode is far and away the best of any console fighting game ever. Not quite GGPO standard, but it is really damn close.

The new sprites for the most part are great, and the rebalancing makes the game a lot less frustrating. There are a lot less near unwinnable matchups, and they new inputs make for a lot less frustation. Only thing that lets it down are the few online bugs and Zangiefs inputs which aren't working properly and make it harder to bear grab/super than it was in vanilla ST. Oh, and the fact remix akuma is broken as hell.

If you're playing on 360 add me, gamertag is, C0rbul0, (those are zeros as opposed to 'O's)

I love the amount of scrubs playing ranked atm though, there is nothing quite as amusing as hearing someone call you 'terrible' because you just perfected them. People are far to eager to call cheap nowadays...

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