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FEVERDREAM (Coalition Records) MON JUNE 28TH....

Dizzy Storm

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FEVERDREAM.....on european hardcore label Coalition Records (who have released stuff by The Rites, Malkovich, Wolves, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Das Oath amongst others...) have definate echoes of the DC scene historically (earlier Fugazi) and present (Q and not U). Feverdream are a trio from Rotterdam that play a hook-laden, mesmerizing brand of post-punk that would not sound out of place on the same bill as Karate, Shellac or Fugazi. The cool thing is, although they would compliment those bands nicely, Feverdream are by no means a copycat band

With tours alongside respected indie rock outfits Les Savy Fav and Blonde Redhead in their native Holland under their belt, its hardly surprising when Feverdream's opening slavo on 'Future Directions', '60 Seconds', comes across like something akin to The Van Pelt, or even Blonde Redhead themselves, i.e. a very respectable indie rock outfit. You could go as far as saying hardcore, what with the occasional screaming and jagged guitars...

check out www.feverdream.nl

ooh i cant wait for this gig - ive been listening to them everyday since i booked them!! in fact im gonna make copies of the stuff i downloaded and give them out at choice drakes gigs over the next couple of weeks to potential 'likers' of this band!! they're ACE!!!

support from Tiger Force - dunno much about them at the moment apart they're a male/female duo from london (used to be called Bikeshed)...

also local supprt from ERIC EUAN and 1 tbc

DOORS 8PM....4

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