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FESTR + BLACK ATOM's second last gig / / / 06.12.08

The Ghost Of Fudge

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@ The Moorings


(10 Year Anniversary Gig)

MySpace.com - FeSTR - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Blues / Metal - www.myspace.com/festr


(Second last gig, 10 Years of Metal!)

MySpace.com - Black Atom - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Progressive / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/blackatom

and support tbc


Festr whoop virgin cheeks in a very big way and are all

about having fun and games and putting on a fucking great

show for the masses. The jugernaught shows no signs of

slowing down yet! (It was never going very fast) - Festr

10 years ago, the country blues rockers breezed in from

Lawrencekirk and kicked Aberdeens arse with shows that

were part bloody good gig and part stand-up routine. Sadly

they no longer play very often, but were making up for that

with a special extended set tonight. Woo hoo!


Youll no doubt have hear the sad news about Black Atom.

The popular prog-trad metallers are calling it a day after

10 years and countless local song classics. Anyone whos

taken an interest in local music over the past decade will,

Im sure, wish them the best with their new projects. But!

In the meantime, heres to Atoms second last gig!

Bring a lighter for the stadium moments and a plastic

sword or battle axe to wave in the air. Im not joking, do it.

Really. Just do it.

... and support tbc

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