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The Rise


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I thought this ace techno-hardcore band had split, but it seems not:

"The Rise have finished recording their second album, 'Reclamation Process'. The album will see a release via our friends at Law Of Inertia Records. It's gonna be interesting; the album will only be available with the next issue of Law Of Inertia (yup, we promote reading) and it will be included FREE. The album is a natural progression from 'Signal To Noise'. Blending more electronics fluidly into their brand of raging hardcore. Don't miss this offer, pic up the magazine. Get all the info here: www.lawofinertia.com"

Its also gonna be released in the UK thru Ferret...... :up:

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Hoorah! My copy Of LoI popped through the door with Reclamation Process free! And it's GREAT. Less electronic than Signal To Noise, with better songs, and holds together as an album a lot better too. Good sheezit.

On the down side, the Rise I have a tickets to see in London next week, have turned out to be a folk band......

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