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21st October 2008

Cast Of The Capital - This Thought Of Yours EP

The new EP from Cast of the Capital has a cracking opening track, Passing The Horse is pleasantly jangly and lo-fi in the same way that Granddaddy used to rock. The tune has an upbeat, catchy melody that is instantly memorable and sticks with you. An Organs Pledge is gentle and ephemeral yet builds to a swirling crescendo of guitar based noise that sweeps you away nicely. The strains of This Thought Of Yours are light and airy; beautifully plucked guitar and almost whispered vocals, leaving you with a warm contented feel. The Witching Hour has a darker, more melancholy feel but is no less catchy because it quickly breaks into a quicker, heavier pace which becomes almost a pop song half way through.

Following on from their excellent Demo in August 2007, Cast of the Capital build up and deliver on all their promises of beautiful, sparkling indie-pop songs. Lovely.

Track Listing

01 - Passing The Horse

02 - An Organ's Pledge

03 - This Thought Of Yours

04 - The Witching Hour

Room Thirteen - Where Music Rocks

Review By Emma Gould.

If any one would like a free copy of the EP, P.M me.

Ta :)


MySpace.com - Cast Of The Capital - Aberdeen, UK - Indie - www.myspace.com/castofthecapital

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I'm torn.

When we played with COTC they played well into our soundcheck time, leaving us with just a line check, which annoyed me.

They also didn't stay around to check out the support, which also annoyed me.

However, they were actually quite good when they were on.


I think I'll grab one. (an EP, not a member)

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I have played "Passing The Horse" (the version on the CD given away at the last Lemon Tree gig) almost every Saturday night in Exodus over the last three months. Cracking song. Is the version on the EP re-recorded?

Woah! Really? That is ace! The version on the CD has been mastered, but not a re-recording. For seem reason, it is a collection of four songs that sound MUCH better played off a cd copy of the original, no matter how high quality an MP3 rip.

Would you like me to send you a copy? Chuck me your address in a PM.

Thanks Dave :)


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