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trumpet for sale

up the cuts

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I'm looking to sell my Vincent Bach Stradivarious trumpet.

This lump of brass has seen me through some fantastic times during my teenage years, but unfortunately due to work and other commitments she doesn't get played any more.

It is in almost new condition with only a few scuffs in the laquer and was serviced regularly up until a year ago.

It was bought in 1999 and is still in original hard gigbag, a stoned lined straight mute, instrument stand and leather palm guard.

I'm looking for 500ono which i feel is a very reasonable price considering its condition and price new.

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i have tried to pick it up again now and again, but i think its something that will always be a part of my youth that might be rekindled someday, just not at this point in my life.

...plus i have lots of bills to pay thanks to getting screwed by a landlord. :swearing:

i would def consider a swap for bass gear, but it would definately require part cash im afraid.

I think the last thing my front room needs is another guitar... but...


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