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Black Tooth, Mon 20 Oct = Tangaroa // White Boys For Gay Jesus // Ablach

The Ghost Of Fudge

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It's a SPECIAL NIGHT OF NOIZE at Snafu's Black Tooth Rock Lounge!

Monday 20th October, 9pm-2am, free/2/3



MySpace.com - Tangaroa - Leeds, UK - Progressive / Alternative / Metal - www.myspace.com/uglypeoplebreedfast

Taking their name from a Polynesian sea-god, Tangaroa are a truly unique hybrid of experimental extreme metal and progressive grind. An abhorrent amalgamation of virtuoso technical abilities and incendiary metal riffs that combine a wealth of styles from black metal, grindcore, hardcore and jazz, and push back the boundaries and concepts of song structures, offering a defiant middle finger response to the current wave of tech-metal pretenders to the throne. Formed 1998 in Leeds.

"The off-kilter nature and downright maliciousness of the weird rhythms make Day as enticing as it is confusing... a warped musical head-fuck that's certainly metal but quite unlike any you've heard before" - 4/5 Kerrang!


MySpace.com - White Boys For Gay Jesus - Leeds, VA - Progressive / Metal / Electronica - www.myspace.com/rapejazz

Terrifying prog metal jazzers, intent on feeding Mr Bungle into a hardcore mangle, or somesuch vague comparison. With ambient soundscape bits too. Go on, click the link and have a listen.

with local support from -


MySpace.com - Ablach - Aberdeen / Obar Dheathain, UK - Grindcore / Punk / Metal - www.myspace.com/ablach

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this monday night!

we're pushing the boat out and trying a heavier sort of night bandwise, so if you like the heavier stuff and crazy guitars, pop down and show your support for aberdeen's most enjoyable monday night club :D

(incidentally, if anyone recalls the catalyst/psycho a-go-go/deadloss tour a few years ago, white boys for gay jesus feature wally from catalyst. a gentleman and a scholar...)

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